WordPress optimised hosting

Our WordPress platform sits behind a pre-configured NGINX edge cache system: StackCache. It speeds up page loading for users. Although it works straight out of the box, advanced users might want to manage the cached content themselves. The StackCache plugin interface inside WordPress allows this.

Optimised WordPress

Our managed WordPress hosting platform is built for speed and security. Whether it’s for blogging or business, your site can migrate automatically to our SSD servers in seconds.

Managed automatic updates

By default, our update service will ensure your WordPress install gets the latest versions and patches as soon as they’re available. This helps prevent you becoming vulnerable to bugs or exploits. We also include a custom-made web application firewall to filter-out malicious requests.

Optional snapshots

Timeline Backups are there to protect your website data. They take daily backups of your WordPress site and database, allowing you to restore back to that time. Ideal in case of mistakes or a hacker attack and only an extra £4.99 monthly regardless of plan.