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If we have recently migrated you to the newer platform and you still have the old incoming/outgoing mail server settings, or if you have made an error in any of your settings or are just unsure what is happening and feel like throwing your computer out of a closed window, you should still be able to access your mail via https://www.stackmail.com pending any resolution to your issues (unless you are using our Exchange services).

In principle, the following rules apply when setting up a mailbox in Outlook or any other email app. The required fields are:

  • Incoming mail server – this may depend on whether you use POP or IMAP. If it is POP you can use pop.stackmail.com and if IMAP you can use imap.stackmail.com – there is one other option you can use that might also work if we have migrated you from an older package, mail.stackmail.com. Please also note that replacing stackmail.com in all instances with your own domain name and suffix will also work (if we have nameserver control over your domain).
  • Outgoing mail server – this should be smtp.stackmail.com (again you can replace stackmail.com with your own domain name and it should still work – see above). You will also need to check under ‘advanced’ or ‘more settings’ (or similar depending on your app) that, under Outgoing Mail Server settings, you have selected the option “My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication” and that it uses the same settings as your incoming mailserver.
  • Username – this is always your FULL email address.
  • Password – this will have been issued to you – it can be changed via the webmail interface at https://www,stackmail.com or via your main hosting control panel if allocated.
Last Updated On April 26, 2018