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For those clients who were previously using our starter-plus email accounts, there was the ability to use Outlook Web App (OWA). This had the capability to set up out of office replies.

Unfortunately, although the newer email accounts (and migrated accounts) support more storage (10Gb) and larger attachments (5 Mb), and are more reliable, they now use Roundcube – an open source system – to handle webmail via https://webmail.zincweb.co.uk. This currently means there is no functionality to support out of office messaging in its current configuration.

The aim is to introduce this functionality in 2018 via additional plugin support but we cannot currently commit to an exact timescale. Therefore, in the meantime, any out of office replies will need to be configured within the email section via the main/master control panel at https://cp.zincweb.co.uk

For those users on our MS Exchange Cloud platform, there is no change and you can access OWA or configure messaging from within Outlook.

But for those users who are affected we apologise for the temporary inconvenience.

Last Updated On February 02, 2018