Web site maintenance and protection.

Website administration - a new product we offer – increases security of your websites and enables a rapid response in the event of a hacking attempt.


Current success rate in mitigating Wordpress hack attempts

Monitoring. Website software and plugin updates. Periodic backups. All the time.

More peace of mind for you. No need to worry about continually checking and updating your site's features, software or plugins anymore.

Minimise the risk of loss of data or attack from others.

Maximise the resilience of your web site and your own reputation.

Your website is in danger

At the time that we check and release a website, it is running on the most current version of its software and is properly protected from being hacked.

However, it's perhaps been some time since then. Unfortunately, websites are extremely vulnerable to cyber criminals looking for software vulnerabilities to take control of the websites and use them for their own purposes.

Even well known and renowned websites are among their victims.  In November 2015 the British newspaper "The Independent" fell victim to a hacker, who undetected for several weeks, infected computers of the website's visitors with a dangerous virus.


  • Hackers are getting clever. Getting access to a vulnerable website is just a first step for them. Then, they use the website to infect unprotected computers of people who visit it. Imagine the consequences when it’s revealed that it was your website that had spread malware to others. Regular website updates are the easiest way to shield yourself from that risk.
  • Constant monitoring week by week. If our system finds something that needs updating, it'll get on with it. If there's a potential vulnerability, it'll tell us.


  • You don’t have a backup unless you know you can use it for website restoration. Restoring every website copy and checking it’s integrity is boring and takes ages. And we want you to be able to concentrate on more important tasks.
  • That’s why we perform a chain of actions which include copying, remote restoration, integrity testing and storing backup at a chosen storage location. And that’s it.

Reduce your risk

Even the greatest can be hacked and sadly, the risk of that happening can never be completely eliminated.

However, it is certainly possible to protect yourself from most home-grown, amateur hackers using well-known vulnerabilities to mass-hack websites.

Website administration - a new product we offer – increases security of your websites and enables a rapid response in the event of a hacking attempt.

What we do

We make sure that your website is constantly monitored for availability and security, and its software, add-ons, components and plugins are updated to the latest versions.

This is quite simply best practice for reducing or eliminating known vulnerabilities exploited by hackers. Periodic backup copies are made so that they can always be used to restore the site if needed.