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We make websites using Wordpress and Joomla - here's a random one. We provide managed web and email services including Cloud Exchange and Office 365.

We work from a big wooden shed in the Aberdeenshire countryside. Your website works from a multi million £ data centre in the UK.

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Email Issues?

Email Guide

Since we disabled CRAM-MD5, we received lot of questions and thought we could summarise the most common in the form of a quick FAQ.

Q. I followed your guides and I can no longer receive email?

A. Once we delve into these issues, we often discover that the incoming mail server hasn't been changed or has been misspelled. You should always use

Q. I have changed my incoming server to and I still can't receive email?

A. Check which port you are using. If you have setup your mailbox as POP3 then make sure you are now using port 995, if you are using IMAP then the port should be 993.

Q. Why can't I send email?

A. In nearly all cases, this has been because the SMTP server hostname is incorrect. This is all dependant on the type of mailbox you are using. If you are configuring either a Standard or Starter mailbox, you need to use your ISP settings. It's very unlikely these will have changed, so you probably don't need to change anything. If you are using any other type of mailbox, then make sure you are using

Q. I don't have a starter or standard mailbox, and I still can't send email even when using

A. Make sure you are using port 465.

Q. You don't have a guide for my software or device?

A. We often resolve these kinds of queries by walking someone back through the steps they originally took when they first setup the mailbox. We then just contribute the key configuration differences such as the hostname, port, authentication type and method.

here are the generic settings you will need to use.  You just need to identify where to change them.

Incoming email

Setting Value
 Server Hostname
 Authentication Type  SSL or TLS
 Authentication Method  Normal Password
 Port Number  995 (POP) or 993 (IMAP)

Outgoing email (For starter-plus and advanced email accounts)

Setting Value
 Server Hostname
 Authentication Type SSL or TLS
 Authentication Method Normal password
 Port Number 465
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